Cajun BBQ Shrimp • BBQ Shrimp LeLe


2 - 3 lbs. of Raw Shrimp

1 lb. Butter (country crock, imperial, etc.)

2 Lemons

1 Large Onion

1 Bunch of Shallots

1 Pack of Cut Mushrooms (Optional)

1 Packet Cajun BBQ Shrimp Seasoning


1. To Make Sauce: Melt butter & Cajun BBQ Shrimp Seasoning Packet in a pan

 and let simmer.

2. Lay shrimp in pan stretching them out not to curl.

3. Cut onion into thin rings, pull apart and place on top of raw shrimp.

4. Squeeze 1/2 a lemon over the shrimp.

5. Cut remaing lemons into thin slices and place on top of the onions and shrimp.

6. (Optional) Place cut mushrooms on top of onions and shrimp.

7. Sprinkle cut up shallots over everything.

8. Pour the sauce over the shrimp.

9. Place pan of shrimp in a 350 dgree oven for 45-60, depending on size of shrimp.

10. When shrimp are done pour everything in a big bowl and let sit for 10 min.

11. Plate and Enjoy!

Warm some french bread and dip in juice!!! 


Pour juice over rice or pasta!